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Metropolitan Leonid of Klin met with the leader of the non-canonical Church of Cameroon On September 25, at the Patriarchal Metochion of the Church of All Saints in Kulishki in Moscow, Metropolitan Leonid of Klin, Patriarchal Exarch of Africa, met with David Queen, the "bishop" of the non-canonical Church of Cameroon. Another community in Burundi entered the Russian Orthodox Church Owing to the missionary labour of the priest Demetrios Ntahonshiki one more community entered the Russian Orthodox Church – the Magara community (Bujumbura Rural). The first Divine Service was celebrated here recently. On Saturday, 26th ... Russian Orthodox Church mission in the Togolese Republic is developing "The mission in Togo is developing successfully", the Patriarchal Exarch of Africa, Metropolitan Leonid of Klin, said in his Telegram channel. Metropolitan Leonid of Klin: the clerics of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa noticed the surge of interest in Christian Orthodoxy from the youth Metropolitan Leonid of Klin, Patriarchal Exarch of Africa, wrote about the mission of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa at its present stage in his Telegram channel. Preparation is ongoing to transition the non-canonical community of Gabon to the Russian Orthodox Church With this purpose, a missionary Alexander Lyulka visited the country, where he gave catechetical talks in all four parishes inside the community: Libreville, Ntoum, and Abing-Assi. Divine services for the faithful of Russian Orthodox Church celebrated in Mali From 21st June to 12th July 2023, Priest Vyacheslav Perkov, a cleric of the Tomsk diocese, visited the Republic of Mali. Chairman of the Exarchate Missionary Department visits Malawi Priest George Maximov, chair of the Missionary Department of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa, completed his visit to Malawi. Chairman of Exarchate Missionary Department completes his visit to Angola On 18th June 2023, Sunday of All Saints Who Shone Forth in the Russian Land, Father George celebrated the Liturgy at the Russian school in Luanda, capital of Angola. African Exarchate’s community appears in Gabon The Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa continues to expand its mission. Rite of reception into Orthodoxy administered at Exarchate’s parishes in Rwanda and Burundi On 4th June 2023, Pentecost, three non-Orthodox Christians – Constantine, Helen and David – were received into the Orthodox Church in Rwanda. The rite was performed by the local dean, Rev. Peter Bikamumpaka. On the same day, Priest Paul Atangana ...
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