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Orthodox educational courses were taught in Cameroon

Orthodox educational courses were held at the Resurrection Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé.

“A.V. Lyulka delivered lectures on theology, apologetics, and the Holy Scripture, and the priest Paul Atangana, who was ordained by me in January 2023, gave lectures on the Liturgy, where he shared what he had learned during his studies in Moscow,” wrote Patriarchal Exarch of Africa Metropolitan Leonid of Klin in his telegram channel.

The course was attended by the leaders of several parishes of the non-canonical Byzantine Catholic Orthodox Church of Cameroon, who wish to convert to the Russian Orthodox Church – one “bishop” and seven “priests”, as well as the clergy and catechists of the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in Cameroon, and active laypeople of the Resurrection Parish.

To let the audience of the course learn more about the liturgical heritage and practice of the Orthodox Church, divine services were performed every day.

After the course, the missionary A.V. Lyulka and Fr. Paul visited many towns and villages in Cameroon, where there are the Byzantine Catholic Orthodox Church parishes and temples under construction. The communities of this church are going through catechetical talks before being accepted into the Russian Orthodox Church.

A.V. Lyulka had a meeting with the members of the community and talked with them about the Russian Orthodox Church.

Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa

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