Nun Matrona (Jepchirchir) meets with clergy and laity of the Russian Orthodox Church in Kenya - Exarchate of Africa
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Nun Matrona (Jepchirchir) meets with clergy and laity of the Russian Orthodox Church in Kenya

Nun Matrona (Jepchirchir), tonsured by Metropolitan Leonid of Klin to the Lesser Schema on 4th January 2023, met with the clergy and laity of the Russian Orthodox Church in Kenya.

The meeting began with a traditional Nandi tribe ceremony of cutting a cake together with a priest.

Among those who came to greet Sister Matrona and express support for her decision were representatives of the county government administration, public figures, politicians, leaders of local communities, her school teachers and mentors.

The guests spoke of their regard for the Russian Orthodox Church and their gratitude to its supreme authority for the attention to the spiritual needs of its children. Most of the local residents had known nothing about the monastic tradition within the Orthodox faith and were honoured that Sister Matrona had become the first nun among her fellow female citizens.

Later Nun Matrona delivered a speech at a youth forum that brought together the clergy and parishioners of the Nandi deanery at the Parish of St Stylianos in Siginwai village. In her address she focused on the parochial piety practices in the Russian Orthodox Church, in particular, on the sacrament of confession that has practically died out in the Church of Alexandria.

Among those who attended the meeting with the local youth was Cynthia Muge, member of the National Assembly of Kenya as the Nandi County Representative. Ms Muge was glad to meet the clergy and laity of the Russian Church in Nandi. She delivered a speech and shared her impressions of the meeting on her page in one of social networks.

Sister Matrona is about to return to Moscow to continue her obediences at the Convent of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos.

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