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Феодор Тирон

Great-martyr Theodore the Tyro (306). St. Hermogenes , patriarch of Moscow and all Russia (1612). St. Mariamne , sister of Apostle Philip (1st c.). Uncovering of the relics of Martyr Menas the Most Eloquent, of Alexandria (889). St. Theodore the Silent, of the Kiev Caves (13th c.). St. Barnabas, elder, of Gethsemane Skete of St. Sergius Lavra (1906). New Hieromartyrs Paul Kosminkov, archpriest, of Lystsevo (Moscow), Mikhail Nikologorsky, priest, of Shchelkovo (Moscow) (1938). Weeping “Tikhvin” Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, St. Elias Skete, Mt. Athos. St. Auxibius , bishop of Soli on Cyprus (102). St. Mesrop Mashtots of Armenia (440). St. Finan, bishop of Lindisfarne (661). St. Theodosius , monastic founder at Mt. Kelifarevo (1363), and his disciple St. Romanus (14th c.), of Turnovo (Bulgaria). New Martyr Michael Mavroeidis of Adrianople (1490). New Martyr Theodore of Byzantium, at Mytilene (1795). New Hieromartyr Theodore of Adjara, hieromonk, at Mt. Athos (1822). St. Nicholas Planas, priest, of Athens (1932). Synaxis of Holy Emperor Marcian (457) and St. Pulcheria, his wife (453). Repose of Elder Agapitus of the Kiev Caves (1887) and Schemamonk John (Shova) of Kolitsou Skete, Mt. Athos (2009).

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