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Икона Божией Матери ''Споручница грешных''

The Holy Hieromartyrs of Chersonese: Basil , Ephraim , Capiton , Eugene , Aetherius , Elpidius , and Agathadorus (4th c.). St. Paul the Simple, of Egypt (4th c.). St. Paul the Confessor, bishop of Plousias in Bithynia (9th c.). St. Emilian , monk, of Rome (6th c.). New Hieromartyr Nilus (Tyutyukin), hieromonk of St. Joseph of Volokolamsk Monastery (1938). Icons of the Most Holy Theotokos “Surety of Sinners ” (Moscow) (1848) and “Of Czestochowa.” Sts. Nestor and Arcadius, bishops of Tremithus (4th c.). St. Ephraim, patriarch of Antioch (546). St. Eosterwine, abbot, of Wearmouth (686). St. Lawrence, founder of the monastery of the Mother of God on Salamis (1707). St. Dandus and All Saints of Thrace. Martyrs Codratus, Saturninus, and Rufinus, of Nicomedia (250-259). Repose of Schemamonk Sisoes of Valaam (1931).

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