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Преподобный Ксенофонт, супруга его Мария и сыновья их Аркадий и Иоанн

St. Xenophon and his wife St. Mary , and their two sons Sts. Arcadius and John , of Constantinople (5th c.-6th c.). Martyrs Ananias the priest, Peter the prison guard, and seven soldiers, in Phoenicia (295). St. Symeon the Ancient, of Mt. Sinai (390). St. Joseph the Confessor, archbishop of Thessalonica, brother of St. Theodore the Studite (830). Translation of the relics of St. Theodore the Confessor, abbot of the Studion (826). St. David the Builder, king of Georgia (1125). St. Xenophon , founder of Robeika Monastery (Novgorod) (1262). St. Ammon of Egypt (350), disciple of St. Anthony the Great. St. Paula of Rome, monastic foundress in Palestine (404). St. Gabriel, abbot, in Jerusalem (ca. 490). St. Conon, bishop and monastic founder on the Isle of Man (648). St. Clement of Mt. Sagmation (12th c.). Repose of Metropolitan Gabriel of Novgorod and St. Petersburg (1801), Metropolitan Joseph (Naniescu) of Suceava, Romania (1902) and Archimandrite Luka (Anic) of Dajbabe, Montenegro (2013).

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