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Святитель Агапит Синадский

St. Leo the Great, pope of Rome (461). St. Agapitus , bishop of Synnada in Phrygia, and Martyrs Victor , Dorotheus , Theodulus , and Agrippa , who suffered under Licinius (4th c.). St. Flavian the Confessor, archbishop of Constantinople (449-450). St. Cosmas , founder of Yakhromsk Monastery (Vladimir) (1492). New Hiero-confessor Vladimir (Terentiev), abbot, of Zosima Hermitage (1933). Commemoration of the New Martyrs who suffered during the “Holy Night” in St. Petersburg (1932). Martyrs Leo and Parigorius of Patara in Lycia (ca. 258). St. Helladius, archbishop of Toledo (632). St. Colman, bishop of Lindisfarne (676). St. Blaise of Amorium and Mt. Athos (ca. 908). St. Nicholas, catholicos of Georgia (1591). Finding of the relics of New Martyr Irene of Mytilene (1961), Repose of Schemamonk Constantine (Cavarnos), spiritual writer (2011).

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