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Икона Божией Матери Пименовская

Afterfeast of the Ascension. St. Bessarion the Great, wonderworker, of Egypt (4th c.-5th c.). St. Hilarion the New, abbot, of the Dalmatian Monastery (845). Virgin-martyrs Archelais , Thecla , and Susanna , beheaded at Salerno (293). St. Dodo of Gareji, Georgia (596). St. Jonah , bishop of Perm (1470). St. Jonah , founder of Klimets Monastery (Olonets) (1534). New Hiero-confessor Raphael (Sheichenko), hieromonk of Optina Monastery (1957). St. Justus, bishop of Alexandria (130). Martyrs Amandus, Amantius, Alexander, Lucius, Alexander, Alexandria, Donatus, and Peregrinus at Noviodunum (Niculitel) (320). St. Jarlath, first bishop of Tuam, founder of the monastery of Cluain Fois (Ireland) (ca. 540). St. Claudius of Besancon, Gaul (699). Repose of Eldress Raisa of Serafimovich village near Volgograd (1957) and Schemanun Macaria of Temkino in the Smolensk region (1993).

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