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Св. блж. Павел Таганрогский

Martyr Codratus (Quadratus) and with him Martyrs Cyprian , Dionysius , Anectus , Paul , Crescens, and Dionysius (another), at Corinth (258). St. Paul of Taganrog (1879). Martyrs Codratus , Saturninus , and Rufinus , of Nicomedia (3rd c.). St. Anastasia the Patrician, of Alexandria (567-568). St. Alexander (Badanin), priest, of Vologda (1913). Martyrs Victorinus , Victor , Nicephorus , Claudius , Diodorus , Serapion , Papias , and others, at Corinth (251 or 258). St. Kessog of Lennox (520). St. Attalus, abbot, of Bobbio (626). St. John of Khakhuli, Georgia, called Chrysostom (10th c.-11th c.). New Martyr Michael of Agrapha, at Thessalonica (1544). Commemoration of the desert-dwellers of the Roslavl Forests, near Bryansk.

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