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Никита Переяславский
24 May 2023 (06 June 2023 new style)

First Week after Pentecost (Fast-free period).

St. Symeon Stylites (the Younger) of the Wonderful Mountain (596). St. Nicetas the Stylite, wonderworker, of Pereyaslavl-Zalesski (1186). Martyrs Meletius Stratelates, Stephen, John, and 1,218 soldiers with women and children, including: Serapion the Egyptian, Callinicus the Magician, Theodore, Faustus, the women Marciana, Susanna, and Palladia, two children Cyriacus and Christian, and twelve tribunes: Faustus, Festus, Marcellus, Theodore, Meletius, Sergius, Marcellinus, Felix, Photinus, Theodoriscus, Mercurius, and Didymus—all of whom suffered in Galatia (ca. 218). St. Vincent of Lerins (ca. 450). St. Gregory, archbishop of Novgorod (1193). Martyrdom by the Poles of Abbot Anthony, 40 monks, and over 1,000 laymen at the St. Paisius of Uglich Monastery (1609). Nun-martyr Martha, abbess, of Monemvasia (990). Translation of the relics of St. George of the Holy Mountain and Georgia (ca. 1067). Repose of Monk Cyriacus of Valaam (1818) and Blessed Amphilochius of Rostov (1824).

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