ksusha, Автор в L’Exarchat patriarcal d’Afrique
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Игоревская икона  Божией Матери

Afterfeast of the Ascension. Hieromartyr Dorotheus , bishop of Tyre (ca. 362). Martyrs Marcian , Nicander , Hyperechius , Apollonius , Leonides, Arius , Gorgias , Selenias , Irenaeus , and Pambo , of Egypt (ca. 305-311). St. Anubius, confessor and anchorite, of Scetis (4th c.). St. Theodore the Wonderworker, hermit, of the Jordan (6th c.). Abba Dorotheus of Gaza (ca. 620). Translation to Chernigov of the relics of the Blessed Igor-George , tonsured Gabriel, great prince of Chernigov and Kiev (1150). St. Constantine , metropolitan of Kiev (1159). St. Theodore Yaroslavich of Novgorod, brother of St. Alexander Nevsky (1233). Uncovering of the relics (1599) of Sts. Jonah and Bassia, monks, of Pertoma (Solovki) (1599). Sunday of All Saints of Palestine. Sunday of All Saints of Romania. Sunday of All Saints of Bulgaria. Sunday of All Saints of the Iberian Peninsula. Sunday of All Saints of the Czech Lands. Sunday of All Saints of America. New Hieromartyr Nicholas Riurikov, archpriest, of Vladimirskoye (Siberia) (1943). Kaluga Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (1748). Holy Cross Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos at Budennovsk (Stavropol) (1995). St. Illidius (Allyre), bishop of Clermont (Gaul) (385). St. Dorotheus of Thebes (ca. 395). Hieromartyr Boniface (Wynfrith), archbishop of Mainz and enlightener of Germany, and those martyred with him, including St. Adalar, bishop of Erfurt (754). Martyr Sanctius (Sancho), soldier, at Cordoba (851). St. Dorotheus, abbot, at Chiliokama on the Black Sea (11th c.). St. Peter , monk, of Korisha, Serbia (1275). Sts. Agapius and Nicodemus, stewards of Vatopedi (14th c.). New Martyr Mark of Smyrna, on Chios (1801).

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